Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. Especially if it is for your primary residence. And especially if you plan to stay a while. You want your new home to be just perfect.

But, is any home really perfect? Can you find a home that satisfies everything on your wish list? As a real estate agent, I encourage my clients to be mindful that not every home will have everything they are looking for. But, it is easy to come close. You have to have a realistic view of what you can’t live without and what you are willing to reconsider.

Here is an example of what your wish list might look like when you’re buying a home:

  1. Location: Do you have a particular city or neighborhood that you’re interested in? Do you want to be close to work, schools, shopping, etc.?
  2. Good Schools: For people with children, this is always near the top of the list.
  3. Square footage: The size of a house and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms is important to accommodate current family size or potential family growth.
  4. Move-in ready: Many people want to be able to move right in without having to repaint, re-floor, or remodel.
  5. Certain Amenities: This is when wish lists get really specific. Features such as swimming pools, bonus rooms, gas cooktop, hardwood floors, updated light fixtures, master-on-main, ample storage, and a 3-car garage can all be considered nice-to-haves.
  6. Price: Last, but absolutely not least, finding a house that is listed within your budget. There is always room for negotiation, but it makes no sense to look at a home that is financially way out of reach.

For most people buying a home, some concessions must be made. You may find the perfect home with everything you’re looking for, but it’s not in the neighborhood you originally wanted. Or, you may have to settle for a home with the master bedroom on the second floor instead of the first. Depending on your time constraints and willingness to wait until that ideal home comes on the market, it is wise to be a little bit flexible when buying a home. Of course, there is always the option to remodel if there are certain aspects of a home you want to change.

As a real estate professional, I put every effort into helping my clients find a home that best matches their specifications for their dream home. Because there are so many options in so many great neighborhoods here in the Valley, the chances of your buying a home that you really love is exceptional…without having to significantly change your wish list.

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