Mosey on down to Chandler property and saddle up for fun. At Koli Equestrian Center Wild Horse Pass trails wind through Southwest wilderness perfect for traversing on horseback. Wranglers are ready to perfectly match riders with friendly and spirited horses. Buckaroos as young as six-years-old can grab the reins.

The ranch is located close to Chandler homes on the Gila River Indian Community Reservation. Over two thousand acres are ready to host adventures. Reservations are encouraged as spots can fill up fast. Open seven days a week spontaneous rides are always a possibility so call ahead at 602.796.3495 for available spaces. Groups rides are fun ways to meet new friends but private trips are also an option. Due to the rugged desert terrain horses move at a steady walk or light trot.

Explore the Beauty of the Sonoran Desert by Chandler Homes

Providing the best experience, Koli Equestrian Center Wild Horse Pass rejects the traditional formation of “head to toe” trail rides. Groups here ride side by side by each other so conversation flows freely. Guides have the gift of gab and relay tidbits of trivia and history about the landscape. Riders learn all about the reservation they are exploring.

Folks don’t have to mount up to see the sights. Horse and carriage rides cruise around setting the scene for romantic moments for couples in love. Hayrides make for lively rides and are great for the kiddos. Birthday parties are Western themed and can get a little bit wild. There are games to get in the spirit, hay rides and trail rides for one and all. And, there is even more! Horse lovers can learn all about their favorite animals by taking a class. Horsemanship 101 and Kids Club classes pass on information on grooming, saddling and riding.

When the urge to get back to nature comes calling head on over to Koli Equestrian Center Wild Horse Pass. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Sonoran Desert on this Chandler property.