The Holidays are upon us. But real estate waits for no one and you can’t hold off selling your home just because it’s the most wonderful time of the year.  Staging your home can be tricky no matter what season it is. But with a few simple rules, you can use your Holiday decorations to help the buyer visualize their own family Christmas in their new home.

Being mindful of your Holiday decorations begins with the outside of your home and the curb appeal of your decor.  A gigantic Santa Claus sitting on your roof may not be the best idea if you are putting your home up for sale.  Simple white lights that highlight the architecture of your home can bring Holiday Cheer and a touch of class.

Real estate sales are all about making your property appealing to as many buyers as possible. The first step to successfully staging the inside of your home during the Holiday Season is to de-clutter your house before you decorate.  If your house looks overcrowded and messy, adding Holiday décor will only amplify this issue.  Stage your house without the decorations and then add items that enhance the way it is already staged.  To take this one step further, make sure that you use décor than enhances your home, without making it gaudy.  Sticking to a color palette that works in harmony with your homes year-round décor, will make sure that your home looks festive and tasteful.

Lastly,  make your home as inviting and cozy as possible.  A candle that wraps your home in the scent of baking apple pie can make a potential buyer feel like they are coming home when they walk in your front door.  Simple decorations, such as a beautiful wreath or even a dish of pine cones can provide hints of the Season, without going overboard.

If you are interested in selling your home over this Holiday Season, contact Liz Harris for your luxury real estate needs.